Encounter Video presents
Rainbow Line

an Audio CD Series by Independent Broadcasting Associates, Inc

Understanding Islam

Created by Julian Crandall Hollick

7 CD Set

Disc 1 Islam: A Complete Way of Life
The Five Pillars of Islam
Disc 2 Muhammad and His Heirs
The Rise and Fall of the Caliphate
Disc 3 The Magnificent Heritage: The Golden Age of Islamic Civilization
Decay or Rebirth? The Plight of Islamic Art Today
Disc 4 Ismail and Isaac
Resurgent Islam Today
Disc 5 Voices of the Resurgence
Islam in America: The Immigrant Experience
Disc 6 Islam in America: Black Muslims
The Other Face of Eve
Disc 7 Whither Islam: The Future of Islam

Total Running time: 210 minutes (3 1/2 hours) --- $95.00 plus shipping


Synopsis of Disc Contents

Each Disc contains two half hour programs.

Disc One:

Program One: Islam: A Complete Way of Life

Islam claims to be a blueprint for politics, economics and social behavior to a far greater extent than other religions. This program examines the basic elements of Islam and explains why it is not just a religion, but also a complete way of life.

Program Two: The Five Pillars of Islam

Is Islam saying prayers five times a day? Or is it something much more, a total cultural experience far more encompassing than anything we know in the West? This program explores what it means to be a Muslim.


Disc Two:

Program Three: Muhammad and His Heirs

The program examines the life and character of Muhammad, the founder of Islam, as well as the immediate succession and the origins of the Sunni-Shi'a split within the Islamic world.

Program Four: The Rise and Fall of the Caliphate

This program explores the extraordinary rise of the Islamic Caliphate Empire and its decay ending in the abolition of the Caliphate by Kemal Ataturk in 1924.


Disc Three:

Program Five: The Magnificent Heritage: The Golden Age of Islamic Civilization

Algebra, Arabic numerals and abstract design are the products of a golden Islamic civilization without which the modern Renaissance might never have taken place. This program explores that Golden Age, c. 800 1500, and the arts and sciences that it produced and developed.

Program Six: Decay or Rebirth? The Plight of Islamic Art Today

The program examines whether it is possible for the Muslim artist or scientist of today to work within his or her Islamic heritage or if markets and patronage dictate abandoning that heritage in favor of Western styles and tastes.


Disc Four:

Program Seven: Ismail and Isaac

For centuries, Muslims and Christians have been fighting each other. Even today, there is much mistrust and prejudice on either side. In this program, Muslims express their viewpoint on this often-strained relationship and what might be done to improve it.

Program Eight: Resurgent Islam Today

The past few years have seen another worldwide resurgence in the Islamic world. The program explores what is happening in the Islamic world, what the real causes of this resurgence are and what it means for us in the West.


Disc Five:

Program Nine: Voices of the Resurgence

In this program we take a closer look at several of the main revivalist groups, including the Muslim Brothers, the Pakistani Jama'at-i-Islami and ABIM (Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia). All have the same ultimate goal, an Islamic society relevant to the Twenty-first Century.

Program Ten: Islam in America: The Immigrant Experience

Muslims first came to the United States in the 1890's. This program examines what it is like to be a Muslim in American society.


Disc Six:

Program Eleven: Islam in America: The Black Muslims

This program looks at the growth of Islam among Afro-Americans and the radical divisions existing in "Black Islam" Between the Nation of Islam and the American Muslim Mission.

Program Twelve: The Other Face of Eve

This program examines the many different human conditions within the Muslim world, the effect of Islam on women and their rights and the influence of traditional patriarchal values throughout the Islamic world.


Disc Seven:

Program Thirteen: Whither Islam: The Future of Islam

This program explores recent measures to introduce Islamic values and institutions into society in Egypt, Pakistan and the Sudan, and asks whether Islam can be relevant to the problems of the Twenty-first Century.


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